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The three-yearly ICBEN Congresses on Noise as a Public Health Problem are a centerpiece of ICBEN’s productivity. High standards of scientific quality and sensitive application of research to practical solutions are the norm. The congresses avoid the isolation of the ICBEN members and offer a possibility to share information and experience. The research presented at each congress is consolidated in ICBEN's congress proceedings, which you can download here for free.

Available proceedings:

Directly browse the original proceedings index [click > index], or download the complete proceedings for each congress as zip-archive [click > zip-file] (zip-files are around 200 MB each)  

2023  14th ICBEN congress, Belgrade
[> index]  [> zip-file]
2021  13th ICBEN congress, e-Congress
[> index]  [> zip-file]
2017  12th ICBEN congress, Zurich [> index]  [> zip-file]
2014  11th ICBEN congress, Nara [> index]  [> zip-file]
2011  10th ICBEN congress, London [> index]  [> zip-file]
2008  9th ICBEN congress, Foxwoods, CT [> index]  [> zip-file]
2003  8th ICBEN congress, Rotterdam [> index]  [> zip-file]
1998  7th ICBEN congress, Sydney [> zip-file]
1993  6th ICBEN congress, Nice [> zip-file]
1988  5th ICBEN congress, Stockholm [> zip-file]
1983  4th ICBEN congress, Torino [> zip-file]
1978  3rd ICBEN congress, Freiburg [> zip-file]
1973  2nd ICBEN congress, Dubrovnik [> zip-file]