The ICBEN Congress 2014 in pictures:

The congress venue - Noh theatre and garden of the Nara Prefectural New Public Hall:


The congress banquet at the Nara Hotel:


Stephen Standsfeld (President of ICBEN 2011-2014) and Wolfgang Babisch (Winner of the ICBEN 2014 Award of Excellence in Research on the Biological Effects of Noise)


Ichiro Yamada (Senior Congress Advisor) and Mathias Basner (New President of ICBEN for the term 2014-2017)


ICBEN veterans Larry Finegold and Truls Gjestland


The ICBEN young scientist awardees at the closing ceremony:

from left: Takashi Yano (congress chairman), Ryota Shimokura (awardee), Michael Gerald Smith (awardee), Krittika Lertsawat (awardee), Jorunn Evandt (awardee), Susanne Bartels (awardee), Stephen Standsfeld (president of ICBEN 2011-2014), and Mathias Basner (secretary of ICBEN 2011-2014)


Takashi Yano (Congress chairman) and Stephen Stansfeld (President of ICBEN) at the closing ceremony:

The magnificent T┼Źdai-ji, just a stone's throw from the congress venue: