ICBEN 2021 Papers

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Please note: Not all of the presenters at the congress submitted a full paper. A pdf document with all abstracts of the congress can be found here.

1. Noise-induced hearing loss
2. Noise and communication
3. Non-auditory health effects of noise
4. Effects of noise on cognition, performance and behaviour
5. Effects of noise on sleep
6. Community response to noise and noise annoyance
7. Noise policy and economics
8. Noise exposure assessment in health effect studies
9. Special topics related to noise effects
10. Low frequency noise and vibration

1. Noise-induced hearing loss

TitlePresenting author
The use of personal listening and IT devices in the risk behavioral surveyLubica Argalasova
Occupation noise induced hearing loss in India: A systematic review and meta-analysisSaurav Basu
NIHL and Prevention: Getting Youth to Listen and ActKelly Culhane
Hearing-related symptoms and occupational noise exposure among women: An intervention study in preschool and obstetrics careSofie Fredriksson
Approaching to hearing health of Uruguayan academic musiciansAlice Elizabeth Gonzalez
A pilot study of cochlear synaptopathy in military recruitsAlexis Pinsonnault-Skvarenina

2. Noise and communication

TitlePresenting author
Comparison of objective acoustic criteria and subjective impressions in modern officesEugen Fridlib
Vocal problems among nurses working in the intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic in ChinaZiwei Song
Effect of Sound Pressure Level and Frequency of Pure Tone on Elderly People‚¨"s Reaction Time and Perceived UrgencyMengjun Wen

3. Non-auditory health effects of noise

TitlePresenting author
Does air pollution confound associations between environmental noise and cardiometabolic outcomes? - a systematic reviewKatie Eminson
Research on the impacts of wind turbine noise on humans: sound, perception, health (RIBEolh)Anne-Sophie Evrard
Health effects of aircraft noise: overview of the cross-sectional DEBATS study‚¨"s resultsAnne-Sophie Evrard
The role of aircraft noise annoyance and noise sensitivity in the association between aircraft noise exposure and saliva cortisol levelsAnne-Sophie Evrard
Aircraft noise exposure and saliva cortisol in the DEBATS longitudinal studyLise Giorgis-Allemand
Aircraft noise health impacts and limitations in the current researchSonja Jeram
Hypertension incidence in relation to aircraft noise: Results of the DEBATS longitudinal study in FranceAboud Kourieh
Non-auditory health effects of noise: an overview of the state of the science of the 2017-2020 period.Kerstin Persson Waye
Maternal exposure to occupational noise in relation to congenital malformations - preliminary results from the NordSOUND study.Kerstin Persson Waye
Combined effects of noise and air pollutionDietrich Schwela
Relationship between road traffic noise and adverse birth outcomes: Analysis of the birth cohort of the Hokkaido StudyJunta Tagusari
Living close to the railway: effects of vibration from rail traffic on diabetes prevalence.Natalia Vincens
Occupational noise and hypertension ⬠a cross-sectional study on Swedish womenNatalia Vincens

4. Effects of noise on cognition, performance and behaviour

TitlePresenting author
EEG correlates of environmental noise impact in daily lifeDick Botteldooren
The specific demands of people on the acoustic environment in working status with complex cognitive tasksJing Chen
The rate of the occupational noise-induced mental workload at medium levelsEbrahim Darvishi
Traffic noise and violent crime: empirical evidence from EnglandXiangpu Gong
The value of control for acoustics in open plan offices: a case studyJack Harvie-Clark
The interactions between Signal-to-noise ratio and Reverberation time in speech intelligibility and learningStaffan Hygge
Overall environmental assessment with soundscape and landscape indices in urban parksHyun In Jo
Just noticeable difference of ISO 3382-3 metrics for open-plan office noiseHyun In Jo
A Novel Representation of the Noise Attribute for Discrete Choice Valuations of Aircraft NoiseFlorian Kindermann
Differential effects of irrelevant speech and environmental sounds on short-term memory in children and adultsLarissa Leist
Is speech something special? - The physiological, psychological, and performance influences of speech and wideband steady-state noiseJenni Radun
Active noise-cancelling headphones in officesJenni Radun
Review of research on the effects of noise on cognitive performance 2017-2020Sabine J. Schlittmeier
Perceptions of noise at work and road traffic accidentsAndrew Smith
Perceptions of noise exposure, information overload, and the wellbeing of workersAndrew Smith
Noise exposure, satisfaction with the working environment, and the wellbeing processAndrew Smith
Effects of noise, clonidine and idazoxan on eyemovementsAndrew Smith
A study of differences in ERP under meaingful of meaningless noise by multivariate analysisTakahiro Tamesue
Noise in indoor swimming pools: Insights from a survey and acoustic measurementsLisa-Marie Wadle

5. Effects of noise on sleep

TitlePresenting author
A review of research on the effects of noise on sleep from 2017-2020Gunn Marit Aasvang
Study Design and Power Calculations for a National Study on the Effects of Aircraft Noise on Sleep around 77 Airports in the United StatesMathias Basner
A comparison of cardiovascular activation responses to environmental noise during sleepfelix decup
Aircraft noise exposure and subjective sleep quality in the DEBATS longitudinal studyLise Giorgis-Allemand
The ANIMA project: Standard exposure-response model for aircraft noise-induced awakening reactions: Suggestions for physiology based night noise protection zonesDominik Hauptvogel
Experimental investigation on sleep disturbance for transportation noise ⬠follow-up test of the noise effect on sleep using recorded traffic noise.Masaaki Hiroe
Exposure-response relationship of self-reported sleep disturbance derived from Japanese socio-acoustic surveysMakoto Morinaga

6. Community response to noise and noise annoyance

TitlePresenting author
Citizens' perceptual evaluation of noise events in an urban environmentRosa Ma Alsina-Pagès
Does bedroom windows orientation contribute to annoyance and sleep disturbance? A questionnaire survey.Lubica Argalasova
Identifying factors contributing to annoyance from neighbourhood noiseSarah Benz
A Comprehensive Survey on Noise Annoyance from Construction and Domestic RenovationHo Wang CHAN
Revising ISO/TS 15666 ⬠the noise annoyance standardCharlotte Clark
Surveys of occupants of new apartment buildings in the United States of AmericaWayland Dong
Gender differences in noise concerns about civil dronesAlbert End
Traffic noise and annoyance in a Swedish contextCharlotta Eriksson
How aircraft noise impact management can improve residents‚¨" quality of life ‚¨ A field studyJulia Kuhlmann
Using soundscape assessment tools to determine the impact of industrial noise in quiet areasA Leiper
Assessment of noise mitigation approaches along the construction site of a major highway in an urban environmentTony Leroux
Does the community response to noise change? A follow-up investigation on the impact of aircraft noise around Tan Son Nhat Airport after 11 yearsThu Lan Nguyen1
A 2-year longitudinal study on noise annoyance related to the construction of a major highway infrastructureAlexis Pinsonnault-Skvarenina
Research on community response to noise 2017 to 2021Dirk Schreckenberg
Measuring short-term noise annoyance to determine the impact of low sonic boom noiseDirk Schreckenberg
On the association of residential green with road, railway and aircraft noise annoyanceJean Marc Wunderli
Effects of the railway category and noise on vibration annoyanceSHIGENORI YOKOSHIMA

7. Noise policy and economics

TitlePresenting author
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Research on Aviation Noise: Understanding Challenges, Developing Solutions, and Informing Decision MakingSean Doyle
An overview of national noise policies and environmental noise limitsTruls Gjestland
Review of environmental noise policies and actions in 2017-2020Dietrich Schwela
The aircraft noise pollution on the noise mapping and track map.Takeshi Tokashiki
Awareness research on noise pollution in Okinawa PrefectureTakeshi Tokashiki
The environmental injustice of urban sound environments: a comparative analysisChristopher Trudeau

8. Noise exposure assessment in health effect studies

TitlePresenting author
Method for measuring space-time-activity-exposure patterns of childrenMaud Dohmen
Quantification of noise exposure from wind turbines in FranceDavid Ecotiere
Development of a high-frequency and ultrasound personal noise exposure meter for identification of sufficient sound rating quantitiesAndrea Wolff

9. Special topics related to noise effects

TitlePresenting author
Toys' noise measurement - do we need alternative approach?Maciej Buszkiewicz
A review of aggravating factors of the occupational noise-induced health effectsEbrahim Darvishi
Development of a new ISO Technical Specification on non-acoustic factors to improve the interpretation of annoyance and soundscape datasetsBenjamin Fenech
Visualisation of traffic noise exposure and health impact in a 3D urban environmentMikael √gren
Metronova ‚¨ research on physical and perceived noise and vibrations from Oslo‚¨"s metro trainsSigmund Olafsen
Searching for the association between misophonia symptoms, noise sensitivity, and noise annoyanceKatarina Paunovic
Mapping of transportation noise-induced health risks as an alternative tool for risk communication with local residentsFarah Elida Selamat
Investigation on VHF sounds in the ears project Japan - part1Mari Ueda
Towards a method for subjectively evaluating the impact of facade insulation by acoustic virtual realityValerie Vos

10. Low frequency noise and vibration

TitlePresenting author
Study on methods for localization of low frequency soundsTetsuya Doi
Low Frequency Noise ⬠Experiences from a Low Frequency Noise sensitive populationKristina Erdélyi
The health effects of the exposure to vibration due to trains: a longitudinal studySendrick Simon