The ICBEN-Congress 2014 in Nara, Japan

The 11th ICBEN congress, held in June 2014 in Nara, Japan, is now over. The executive committee of ICBEN acknowledges the great efforts of Takashi Yano and his team in Nara, and gratefully thank all the sponsors of the congress, to have made ICBEN 2014 a phantastic experience for all that attended!

The technical program can be downloaded here

Available here: [Index of proceedings] or  [Download entire proceedings as zip-file]

Keynote papers and presentations:

Wolfgang Babisch: Cardiovascular Burden of Disease
from Environmental Noise [Presentation] *

Lex Brown: Urban road traffic noise [Presentation] *

Staffan Hygge: Classroom noise and its
effect on learning [Presentation] *


ICBEN awards 2014

ICBEN 2014 Award of Excellence in Research on the Biological Effects of Noise**:
Laureate:         Wolfgang Babisch, Germany

ICBEN 2014 Young Scientist Award:
Laureates:       Susanne Bartels, Germany
                         Jorunn Evandt, Norway
                         Krittika Lertsawat, Thailand
                         Michael Gerald Smith, Sweden
                         Ryota Shimokura, Japan

ICBEN 2014 Best Poster Award:
Laureate:        Koji Shimoyama, Japan


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** The ICBEN Award of Excellence is sponsored by Lawrence S. Finegold and the Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust