Table 1: Proposed changes to the ICBEN constitution and result of the vote.


Proposal number



Constitutional Change 1

That the congresses be more often - every three years. 


Constitutional Change 2

That the change of ICBEN officers* occurs at the congresses as now, meaning that the term of office is reduced to 3 years.


Constitutional Change 3

That the officers of ICBEN* be allowed up to a maximum of two terms.


Constitutional Change 4


That full membership (not associate status) of the teams be allowed beyond 10 members. Modification/addition - that there is no limit.

Carried as modified

Constitutional Change 5

That any number of members in a team be allowed from any given country.


Constitutional Change 6





That each team (via the chair and co-chair) must contribute to the organisation of the next Congress. The Chair of ICBEN (with the agreement of the majority of ICBEN officers) may replace any chair or co-chair not performing their function.


Constitutional Change 7#

That a sub-team be created within Team 9, to address economic costs of noise.


Constitutional Change 8#

That the title of Team 9 be changed to "Noise Policy and Economics ".


Constitutional Change 9#

That team 8 (combined effects) be disbanded.


Not carried

* The Constitution (Article iv) identifies the officers of ICBEN as “the Chairman, the Past Chairman, the Co-Chairman, and the Secretary.”

# Relevant details are not in the Constitution, and have been noted as policy.